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Huw Jones BSc(Hons)

With a penchant for the dramatic, your bespoke music will support the story above all.


While I can provide unique music perfectly adapted to your work, I specialise in taking medium to small scale projects all the way from edit, through dialogue edit, sound design, music and mix to delivery. A stress-free and complete package all in one place and perfectly coordinated. 

Since starting to make electronic music 21 years ago I've had a number of charted albums and worked with some great musicians and directors.

I might just be the only composer with extensive military experience. So what? So I'm used to engaging with people and understanding their ideas. My work has taken me across cultures and taught me to work to tight deadlines, drive projects, and motivate collaborators.

I strive to understand your narrative and set your media resonating with emotive music and an efficient delivery. 

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