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First Contact.  We'll talk about the timings, the nature of the project and just check that I'll be able to support you from start to finish, whatever scale that might be. We can work via video conference, e-mail or face to face.


Theme Development.  The next step will be a spotting session and comb through each cue (or the equivalent for non film media). In the same location is best but we can easily do this remotely. 


Fine Edit.  Once the edit is locked (or as close as it can be) this is where the bulk of the sound or music is composed and the volume and texture is really worked up. Time is often a pressure but we'll stay in touch. 


Export.  All that's left is the technical aspects of applying music and sound to your project. I'll work closely with your editor and other audio team members until you have your music applied to your media. 


Initial Brief.  Once we know we can proceed, we'll talk about the nature and style of the project. I'll have a bunch of questions for you to make sure I really understand your messages and requirements.


Initial Composition.  In this stage I'll offer you ideas based on the agreed themes and cues to make sure the first sounds are as close as possible to what you are thinking.  


Approval.  Apart from the final tweaks we're getting near to completion. You'll have a collection of developed themes that we'll refine until your final approval.  


Every Project is Different. So it won't necessarily go exactly like this but at the core of the process is frequent communication, an open mind and constant learning. 


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