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An all-in-one solution for audiobooks and narration. 

With a practiced tone ranging from comforting to authoritative but always clear and characterful, I narrate rounded characters for compelling stories. All recorded through industry standard microphones, encoders and processing. I then edit that narration to be phrase and word perfect for utterly professional results. 

Example - Stoicism by Marcus Epictetus
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Contact me through the 'contact' page above or through Audible's ACX collaboration system:

"The narrator was perfect, he really brought the character to life and his voice was so entertaining to listen to. I haven’t listened to many male narrators , the ones I have listened to are Stephen Fry, Dave Grohl, Bob Mortimer and Jim Dale and [he] was equally good as they were. (And I loved them so much!)... the right amount of cheekiness and a voice that was easy to listen to. The story was really brought to life and I enjoyed every moment."

-Audible Review


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